Treasurer's Financial Literacy Challenge

The 2022 Treasurer’s Financial Literacy Challenge encourages students to develop positive money habits and set themselves up for success.

This exciting initiative provides an opportunity for all students across NSW to develop practical knowledge around managing money, setting goals and making informed financial decisions.

I thank all the teachers, principals, parents and carers for their efforts in preparing students for this empowering challenge. Each student who participates gains the chance to learn skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

I would also like to thank our major partner, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, for co-developing the challenge.

I wish all of the students participating in the 2022 Treasurer’s Financial Literacy Challenge the best of luck.




The Hon Matt Kean MP
Treasurer, Minister for Energy

Calling all teachers and caregivers! Invest a lesson or two in the new Financial Literacy Challenge to promote the skills and knowledge for your learners to build positive money habits and practice making informed, effective financial decisions.

It is easy to start. Simply choose the appropriate activity for your learners.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do much preparation as the activity will do the heavy lifting for you. Though, we highly recommend you read along and participate in the activities yourself to be ready to assist your learners where needed. The Get Started page link is great to send directly to your learners.

The activities will introduce a scenario in which the learners investigate a financial theme, purchase costs and ongoing expenses, savings goals, budgets and investments. From Year 3 onwards, the activities often culminate in a persuasive writing activity that offers the learners the opportunity to make an evaluation and recommendation. This will bring together the learners ability to make informed financial decisions based on their research and planning.

There is a participation certificate that you can use to recognise your learners’ efforts.

We think the knowledge and skills from these activities are potentially life-changing and empowering. But we invite you to let us know what you think. Please contact us at

The Financial Literacy Team

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