Duplication of efforts can give the impression of disorganisation and, in turn, be detrimental to establishing relationships.


  • The person responsible for liaising must have a thorough knowledge of the:
    • school's STEM initiatives
    • form and purpose for industry participation
    • intended outcomes of the collaboration.
  • Who in your school is already in conversation with the community regarding support for school initiatives? Careers advisors, workplace learning coordinators and community liaison officers may already have knowledge of supportive individuals and organisation that can be leveraged. Staff with this experience and knowledge can facilitate introductions between industry and STEM teaching staff.
  • Establish a plan of who will be approached in the community and by who. Keep a centralised record of the approaches made and the outcomes to ensure a well organised outward facing image and eliminate duplication.
  • Take advantage of community members already connect with your school. This could take many forms, including parents, P&C members and past students. The benefit of this is that they are most likely to be already supportive of school initiatives and have an understanding of your students and school context.
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