C'mon let's ride at Lindsay Park Primary School

150 Stage 2 students polished their bikes and scooters, pumped up tyres and donned helmets in week 4 to participate in an exciting day aimed to encourage students to ride safely to and from school.

Lake Illawarra Police joined the students to share the importance of being safe and to always ask for help from the police if they ever need it. They also engaged the students in how to correctly fit and wear their helmet as well as how to safety check their own bike.

Image: Lake Illawarra police demonstrating correct helmet adjustment.
Image: Police officer discussing bike safety with students.

In bike-themed friendship groups students rotated through various activities that included:

  • identifying safe clothing to wear to be safe be seen (theory session)
  • identifying bike safety features and safe places to ride in the local area (theory session)
  • undertaking a bike safety check for road worthiness (practical session)
  • fitting and wearing a helmet correctly (practical session)
  • using hand signals to navigate an obstacle course (practical session)
  • honing bike navigation skills in strategy-based games (practical session).

Results from the school's pre-event and post-event surveys showed that student knowledge and understanding of how to be a safe bike rider increased significantly.

And in turn the school is welcoming their students to ride to and from school each day.

Lindsay Park PS staff would be only too happy to share their initiative with other interested schools.

Image: Putting the lessons into practice.
Image: Happy students with their bike licences.
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