Teachers use Planning Literacy and Numeracy (PLAN) software to record, analyse and monitor student progress through the literacy and numeracy continuums. Under the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, PLAN will be redeveloped to align with the learning progressions. PLAN2 will be made available in a phased implementation approach beginning with some primary schools in Term 3.

How can PLAN be used?

PLAN promotes quality teaching practices within the teaching and learning cycle.

  • Assessing and recording – assessments such as revised Best Start Kindergarten will automatically record information into the platform. In-class assessment results or teacher observations can be added, to keep track of where each students learning is at.
  • Reporting – having access to information about student progress provides a faster and more accurate report. On PLAN2, parent and teacher reports can be printed on-demand.
  • Planning and programming – The information in PLAN can be used to inform learning plans, for a whole class or individual students. Principals and executive can also use PLAN to inform school planning and budgets.
  • Evaluation – Over time, PLAN provides important information on how students have progressed, or where they still need to improve. This information can help teachers to identify patterns, evaluate what works best, and strengthen practice in response.

What's new with PLAN2?

PLAN2 will be hosted on a new platform. PLAN2 can:

  • record student progress against the learning progressions
  • link to NSW syllabus outcomes
  • integrate with assessments such as Best Start Kindergarten and Best Start Year 7, where results will be automatically pushed to the platform.

PLAN2 is being continually enhanced and over time will:

  • generate reports on demand (parent reports, class analysis reports, class learning plans and individual learning plans)

Accessing PLAN2

PLAN2 is hosted on the Assessing Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN) website. Only Action Plan and selected supplementary schools have access to PLAN2 at this stage.

For PLAN2 implementation timelines, see Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2017-2020.

For technical support on PLAN2, see the ALAN helpdesk.


Will student assessment recorded in PLAN be available in PLAN2? No, student assessments recorded in PLAN will not be available in PLAN2.

Will I need a new login account to access PLAN2? No, your current login will work provided you have been granted access by your principal.

Can we access a report in Scout that maps student development on the progressions? We are looking at including this data in Scout in the future.

How will student data be harvested from the new version of Best Start? Responses to Best Start questions will be mapped to the learning progressions. The Best Start assessment results will be recorded online and automatically pushed to PLAN2.

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