What is phonics?

Phonics is the understanding that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes (the sounds of spoken language) and graphemes (the letters that represent them in written language).

Dr Deslea Konza explains that phonics is the relationship between phonemes and graphemes and the importance of this component in learning to read.

Dr Deslea Konza - Associate Professor of Language and Literacy

How phonics instruction supports the development of reading skills

This series of videos explains the role of phonics in developing reading skills and provides classroom examples.

The Big Six

This video introduces where phonics fits in with the components of effective reading instruction.

Explicit phonics lesson – whole class

This is an example of an explicit phonics lesson with a whole class group.

Where does phonics fit in the syllabus?

Stephanie Lewis discusses how explicit phonics instruction supports reading.

Explicit phonics lesson – small group

This is an example of an explicit phonics lesson with a small group.

Systematic and explicit phonics instruction

Anne Castles on systematic and explicit instruction of phonics

Podcast - Listen on SoundCloud

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