Effective feedback provides students with relevant, explicit, ongoing, constructive and actionable information about their performance against learning outcomes from the syllabus.

Frequent analysis of internal and external data and the consistent use of success criteria can support feedback to students and parents as well as provide advice for teachers on next steps for learning.

The National Literacy Learning Progression can support teachers to provide feedback to students on their literacy development across all key learning areas. The Introduction to the progressions professional learning is available for teachers and will support their understanding of how this document can be used as a tool to support feedback practices.

PLAN2 can be used to monitor student growth and development to help identify patterns. Teachers can use learning progression indicators to provide explicit and targeted feedback to students, in order to support individual learning goals.

HSC PL bites are available to help Stage 6 teachers assess, investigate, review and reassess responses to reading questions or tasks. This can assist teachers to determine what has been effectively answered, and what could be improved in line with the marking guidelines. This learning can help teachers provide students with more effective and explicit feedback regarding their reading of and response to exam questions.

Effective feedback resources:

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