The eight themes of what works best with the Use of data to inform practice theme highlighted

Teachers use data to check and understand where their students are in their learning and to plan what to do next. Effective analysis of student data helps teachers identify areas where students’ learning needs may require additional attention and development.

Data available in Scout and Schools Online as well as school-based assessment and observation of student learning can be used to inform teaching practice that supports students’ literacy and numeracy development in preparation for the HSC minimum standard.

PLAN2 enables teachers to record observations of students’ literacy and numeracy progress using the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions. PLAN2 analysis supports schools to determine students’ current strengths and needs and determine next steps in literacy and numeracy learning.

The professional learning, Maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy: The HSC minimum standard, models a process for using data to inform teaching practice to support students’ achievement of the HSC minimum standard. It also outlines how to use the data in a minimum standard report to inform further teaching.

Teachers can view School Discoveries that explore the effective use of data to inform teaching at Macarthur Girls High School (staff only) and Elizabeth Macarthur High School (staff only).

School Discovery: Macarthur Girls High School

School Discovery: Elizabeth Macarthur High School

Illustrations of practice on the HSC minimum standard resource website provide models of data-driven teaching practice in different subject areas and contexts to support students’ literacy and numeracy development for the HSC minimum standard.

A Quick Reference Guide (staff only) available from the Principal’s toolkit on the HSC minimum standard webpage assists Principals and school leaders to navigate and use information about the HSC minimum standard in Schools Online.

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