The eight themes of what works best with the Explicit teaching theme highlighted The eight themes of what works best with the Explicit teaching theme highlighted

Explicit teaching practices involve teachers clearly showing students what to do and how to do it, rather than having students discover that information themselves. Students who experience explicit teaching practices make greater learning gains than students who do not experience these practices.

The HSC minimum standard resource provides teachers with teaching strategies and lesson materials to support explicit teaching of identified areas of need in writing, numeracy, and reading. These strategies can be adapted for use across the curriculum in Stages 5-6 to support achievement of the HSC minimum standard.

Teachers can use HSC minimum standard templates to create customised Areas of Focus in PLAN2 that support explicit teaching and monitoring of identified reading, writing or numeracy skills in the context of their syllabuses.

Secondary pilot models and interviews are available to guide high schools in the use of the progressions and PLAN2 to support targeted teaching and monitoring of literacy and numeracy.

English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) resources (staff only) have been designed to support the learning needs of EAL/D students in working towards the HSC minimum standard. There is also a recorded professional learning session: HSC minimum standard and EAL/D students (requires Adobe Connect).

Teachers can view School Discoveries that explore explicit teaching practice in literacy and numeracy at Kurri Kurri High School (staff only) and Ingleburn High School (staff only).

School Discovery: Kurri Kurri High School

School Discovery: Ingleburn High School

Professional learning to support the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy in Stages 5-6 includes: Leading secondary numeracy; Maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy in secondary: writing and EAL/D.

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