Understanding genre video

Duration: 3 minutes

Understanding genre video

[Mrs Murray is standing still, in a pose, wearing a princess dress, looking intently through a magnifying glass]

Perfumer 1 – [sniffing towards Ms Murray] I'm getting notes of, notes of, by gum, this one stumped me.

Perfumer 2 – And me. I can't for the life of me figure out what genre it is.

Perfumer 1 – Our reputations as the best genre perfumers in the country will be ruined. [picks up book and starts looking through the pages]

Perfumer 2 – But I haven't seen a case like this in years. Do you mind? You're disturbing my sniffing here.

Perfumer 1 – Sorry, it's just, I've forgotten what genre it is.

Perfumer 2 – Genre is a term used to group different types of text according to similarities in form and function. Knowing what genre a text falls into helps us to know what to expect of it.

Perfumer 1 – But why is it so important we know what genre this is?

Princess with lasoo and magnifying glass – Because without a genre, you won't know what to expect of me. You won't know what patterns I follow, so you'll get really confused.

Perfumer 2 – You can say that again. I am confused. I mean. [sniffs] I'm getting notes of a fairy tale with this princess dress, and if the genre were a traditional fairy tale, you'd expect her as a princess to be helpless. But I'm also getting... [sniffs] a hint of lasso, which suggests she isn't going down without a fight.

Princess with lasoo and magnifying glass – [throws the lasso off screen as if she has caught something] Yee haw!

Perfumer 1 – Mmm, yes, definitely lasso overtones here. That's something you'd expect to find in a cowboy genre, where good guys are trying to rid the town of bad guys, with fast-paced, high-octane action.

Princess with lasso and magnifying glass – Time's up, you cowardly warthog! Ha ha.

[Warthog squeals]

[Mysterious music]

Perfumer 1 – But hang on, now I'm getting sudden notes of something else. [Sniffs] What is that?

Perfumer 2 – The aroma of the detective genre.

Perfumer 1 – So what, now we're expecting this cowboy princess to look for clues and solve a crime? I'm so confused.

Perfumer 2 – Me too! What genre is she?

Princess with lasso and magnifying glass – Great barnacles, Watson! I think I've got it!

Perfumers – So do we.

Perfumer 2 – Could it be?

Perfumer 1 – Yes, I think it could be.

Perfumer 2 – Label. Pen. [Mahdi hand a pen and label to Reannah] All right, I think our work here is done.

Perfumer 1 – A blended genre. [The label is pinned to princess]

Perfumer 2 – With notes of cowboy action, a round of detective scent, and fairy tale overtones.

Perfumer 1 – Now we know where she fits into the world, and we also know what to expect from her story. We can expect the unexpected.

Perfumers – Delicious. Our reputations are saved. [Both begin sniffing her again]

Princess with lasso and magnifying glass – Well, can you save yourselves from sniffing me? It's getting really annoying.

Perfumers – Sorry.

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