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Check-in registrations open

Date posted 21 May 2024

Registrations for the Term 3 reading and numeracy Check-in assessments for Years 3 - 9 are now open. Year 6 also undertake an additional writing assessment.

Feedback is available in Scout and PLAN2, aligned to NSW English and mathematics syllabuses, the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions, and targeted teaching strategies.

Principals in departmental schools should nominate an assessment coordinator by Friday 5 July 2024 (Term 2 Week 10).

For more information and to register go Check-in assessment.

Important changes to online assessments

Pre and post assessments, Short assessments and Stage snapshots

Date posted 6 June 2024

Google Forms and PDF versions will be discontinued at the end of Term 2 (5 July 2024) for:

Schools can still access the assessments using Microsoft Forms.

You can share the Microsoft Forms links in Google Classrooms so students can complete these assessments.

You can also create a PDF version of an assessment using steps outlined in the Quick Reference Guide (QRG) (PDF 143 KB).

VALID Science Year 6, 8 and 10 registrations open

Date posted 21 May 2024

VALID Science assessment is required for departmental schools with Year 8 students and optional for schools with Years 6 or 10 students.

There is no charge for government schools to register. It is also available to non-government schools at a cost of $10 per student.

VALID provides useful diagnostic data that is reported in Scout that can identify areas of strength and areas for improvement for individuals or cohorts and support evaluation of teaching and learning programs.

All students who participate in a VALID Science assessment receive an electronic individualised student report outlining the level of understanding they demonstrated during the assessment.

Registrations close Friday 5 July 2024 (Term 2 Week 10).

For more information and to register go to Register your school.


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