Cats – food and water

Nutritional information for cats.

Cats must have access to adequate and appropriate feed for their age, size, stage of production and weather conditions. Fresh clean water must be supplied at all times.

Cats must be fed a balanced and nutritious diet appropriate to their level of development. Weaned kittens, up to three months old, must be fed twice a day or can be fed ad lib as they learn to eat only what they require. Older cats, which have been fed at certain times, should not be changed to ad lib feeding as they tend to gorge and overeat, leading to obesity.

Adult cats must be fed at least once a day. Every adult animal should be fed from an individual, clean food bowl. Pregnant or lactating cats should be fed at least twice daily. A cat’s food must be stored and prepared hygienically to ensure that it remains fresh and uncontaminated. Fresh water must be freely available at all times.


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