Getting help

Left school? We want you back!

You can take up to five years to finish your HSC, starting from the first year you complete an HSC course. This is called ‘accumulation’. What it really means is that taking a break from school doesn’t have to be the end of your HSC journey. Students should talk to the principal or careers advisor in the school to discuss this further.

Moved between school and TAFE, but still want an HSC?

If you’ve completed some HSC subjects or other courses at a different school, or even TAFE, you might be able to count these towards your HSC without having to repeat them. This is called a ‘credit transfer’ or ‘recognition of prior learning.

For example, if you did Year 11 in another State or Territory, or you left school to do a TAFE course before deciding to come back for your HSC, you might be able to show that you’ve met some requirements, and skip right past them onto the other parts of your HSC journey.

Repeating an HSC subject

If you didn’t quite pass an HSC subject, it’s not the end of the world - you can repeat one or more courses within five years, without penalty.

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