Beyond the Line

47 pre-service teachers, including Thomas Mo, recently engaged with local communities and gained valuable insights from regional and rural NSW schools whilst 'Beyond the Line'.

Earlier this year, Thomas participated in the Beyond the Line Program that supports second and third-year Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching students to travel with the department on an expenses-paid, week-long study tour to experience teaching at selected regional, rural and remote NSW public schools.

Thomas is a pre-service teacher studying a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at the University of New South Wales. He participated in the Beyond the Line Program in March to broaden his perspectives and make informed decisions about education, particularly as he commences his teaching journey. Thomas made memories and lasting friendships, whilst having a taste of country life.

For Thomas, the Beyond the Line study tour exceeded expectations - from the ‘not so serious stuff’, accommodation and amenities, to the reason we went rural, gaining authentic and honest insights into teaching across NSW. Whilst stepping out of his comfort zone, he was presented with the opportunity to observe well-resourced schools and incredible facilities, both within primary school and secondary school settings.

Thomas has a long term goal of obtaining a leadership role within the NSW Department of Education. Although still a pre-service teacher, he knows that leadership is on the cards for him one day. Thomas saw firsthand the various and heightened opportunities to lead within rural school contexts, as well as network across small towns. When reflecting on his rural experiences, it became clear to Thomas how much of a significant impact teachers have on those around them, not just with students, but with families and the community as well.

The Beyond the Line Program gave Thomas an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people, who also have a strong passion to make positive change in the lives of others.

'I can see myself staying here and possibly taking up a leadership role. It’s all about the relationships that I’ve made here and the connections at the schools that I’ve been to.'

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