FAQs for successful applicants

In fulfilment of scholarship expectations and the Terms and Conditions, recipients will:

  • undertake study tour research, utilising scholarship funds appropriately
  • submit their research report within 90 days of concluding the study tour research activity
  • make a presentation of their scholarship experiences to the scholarship sponsor (as arranged by Business Engagement and Development team)
  • undertake dissemination sharing activities outside of formal scholarship arrangements.

After receiving a scholarship, recipients will build on their proposed study tour plan (from their application) to submit a more detailed study tour plan and budget, confirming dates and activities and approximating expenditures for each activity. To create this detailed itinerary, scholars are encouraged to seek support from the selection panel subject matter expert and to review past recipient reports. This process requires recipients to make contact with any individuals or organisations included in their proposed activities to book visits and/or tickets.

Confirmed scholarship recipients will complete a Study Tour Details template and an Itinerary and Activities template to secure travel approval and funds release. An Example Study Tour Itinerary has been created to assist.

Study tours can be undertaken within Australia or overseas, and must be no more than five weeks in duration (a portion of which may be utilised for Australian-based dissemination activities). Recipients will travel between January and June of the year of their scholarship. For example, the 2025 Premier's Teacher Scholarships are awarded during 2024, with the study tour taking place during 2025. Travel outside this time-frame will be considered on a case by case basis.

Scholarship funds are paid in a single payment to the recipient. Recipients must track expenses associated with their study tour and submit an expenditure report upon their return. Detailed information about how to record expenditure will be provided to the recipient.

Any funds not used during the study tour (or for approved dissemination activities) must be returned.

As described in the Scholarship Terms and Conditions, appropriate expenditure of scholarship funds includes:

  • economy airfares
  • 3 to 4 star single accommodation
  • transport and travel insurance
  • visa or travel permits, vaccinations/medications required to enter study tour location/s
  • cultural experiences such as tickets to museums, theatres and galleries relating to study tour
  • costs associated with meetings, school or university visits and/or learning or research activities
  • learning resources or samples related to research topic area
  • gifts for hosts and mentors (no more than $50AUD)
  • meals and snacks

Scholarship funds cannot be used for purchases or costs associated with:

  • business or first-class airfares and/or excess luggage
  • five-star accommodation (unless it is the only accommodation available)
  • laundry expenses
  • passports
  • unrelated cultural experiences or entertainment (for example, theatre tickets if your study tour relates to mathematics)
  • technology or equipment (for example, computers, cameras, phones, iPads)
  • costs associated with your mobile phone
  • personal grooming (haircuts, makeup etc.), clothing, footwear, pharmaceuticals or toiletries
  • souvenirs and/or gifts for friends or family members
  • alcoholic beverages
  • meals for more than one person
  • any costs associated with a friend or family member/s travelling with you. This includes the extra cost for a double room, living and food expenses
  • repair of personal items
  • relief costs while undertaking the scholarship

Scholarship recipients are required to complete a post-study tour report of 2,500-3,000 words (excluding reference and acknowledgments sections). The report is a valuable tool for disseminating learnings and is a public document. It should be prepared using the supplied report template to meet standards of accessibility required for publication on the NSW Department of Education website. (Accessible documents are consistent in text and format styles to allow readability including through the use of a screen reader.)

It may be useful to review the accessible past reports online to understand how styles are applied.

The completed report must be submitted as a Word file to premierscholarships@det.nsw.edu.au within 90 days of the study tour completion.

Reports are edited before being made publicly available. Recipients may be asked to revise or re-write some of their report before it is finalised.

Recipients will have the opportunity to share their scholarship experience with their sponsor by delivering an informal presentation of approximately 30-45 minutes (using for example a PowerPoint presentation of around 10 slides). This presentation is not published. The Business Engagement team will assist participants with information and templates on their return from the study tour.

Some sharing activities may occur as part of the funded scholarship study tour plans. In addition, the study tour report is a great starting point to further share recipient experiences and resources outside of funded scholarship arrangements, as outlined in their study tour plans.

Recipients may find as they share their research, additional dissemination opportunities arise which may expand the course of their original dissemination plans.

Contact us

If you have not found the answers to your questions in the above FAQs, contact contact our program team via premierscholarships@det.nsw.edu.au or phone (02) 7814 3820.

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