Quality assured programs and providers

Our quality assurance approach

The department has developed an agreed, systemic quality assurance approach and an accessible, online catalogue of pre-assessed student wellbeing programs for schools .

Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue

These pre-assessed programs are available through the Student Wellbeing external programs catalogue (staff-only access).

Quality assuring external wellbeing programs forms part of the department's strategy to drive an improved wellbeing service delivery model for all schools that is built on a student-centred approach that acknowledges and respects local context.

Other directories of external providers

The department has a number of directories of prequalified external providers of services that may support your school to implement your school health and wellbeing approach, or to support identified needs of student cohorts.

In addition to the directory of prequalified providers of student engagement and attendance services (above) there is also:


For more information about student engagement and attendance service providers or youth worker providers, please contact the Student Health and Mental Wellbeing team at wellbeing@det.nsw.edu.au.

For more information about the Specialist Allied Health and Behaviour Support Provider Scheme, please contact the Inclusive Education team at disability.support@det.nsw.edu.au.

Evidence-based wellbeing and mental health programs

Schools use a range of strategies to support student wellbeing, including classroom practices, curriculum, wellbeing staff, and department-based resources and initiatives. Schools may also choose to implement other programs to support specific wellbeing needs.

We commissioned Monash University to undertake a literature review of evidence-based mental health and wellbeing progams that support health and mental wellbeing through prevention and early intervention.

There are 32 programs identified below. Those marked with an asterix (*) are currently provided to schools in partnership with the department through the NSW Government's mental health initiative.

  • Adolescent Depression Awareness
  • Aussie Optimism
  • Batyr: Being Heard*
  • Body Image in the Primary School
  • Bounce Back!
  • Challenging Horizons Program
  • CLIMATE Schools
  • Coolkids Online/Child out online*
  • Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment
  • Friends for Life
  • Fun Friends
  • Get Lost Mr Scary
  • Happy Being Me Co-educational
  • Headstrong 2.0
  • Learning 2 BREATHE
  • Media Smart
  • Teen Mental Health First Aid*
  • MoodGym
  • PAX Good Behaviour Game*
  • Penn Resiliency Program
  • Positive Action
  • Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies
  • Resilient Families
  • Resourceful Adolescent Program
  • Safe Minds*
  • Seasons for Growth*
  • Second Step
  • Secret Agent Society
  • Signs of Suicide
  • StormBirds*
  • Youth Aware of Mental Health*
  • Orygen Postvention^

^The department has commissioned Orygen to evaluate postvention initiatives in NSW public high schools. This works helps NSW school communities in preventing student suicide, and in responding to and recovering from the death of a student by suicide.

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