Quality assured programs and providers

Our quality assurance approach

The department is developing an agreed, systemic Quality Assurance (QA) approach and an accessible, online catalogue of pre-assessed student wellbeing programs for schools developed and/or delivered by external providers.

The QA of external wellbeing programs forms part of the department's strategy to drive an improved wellbeing service delivery model for all schools that is build on a student-centred approach that acknowledges and respects local context.

The new QA student wellbeing catalogue will provide further support and clearer guidance to schools in selecting quality, evidence-based student wellbeing programs and support the connection between effective wellbeing programs and improved learning and life outcomes.

The catalogue is scheduled to be available before the end of 2022, and will initially feature, as a start, programs supporting students’ sense of belonging, behaviour and resilience

Directory of engagement and attendance service providers

The department has established a directory of external service providers for student engagement and attendance services containing a list of prequalified providers who can help schools with student engagement and attendance.

Providers listed in the directory have agreed to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and departmental policies.

To become prequalified and included on the panel each service provider was required to provide information about:

  • the types of services or programs offered, including recent experience and references
  • licences, accreditations or registrations held
  • qualifications and skills of key staff
  • insurance and Working with Children Check requirements

Engage an external provider of student engagement and attendance services

Other directories of external providers

The department has a number of directories of prequalified external providers of services that may support your school to implement your school health and wellbeing approach, or to support identified needs of student cohorts.

In addition to the directory of prequalified providers of student engagement and attendance services (above) there is also:


For more information about student engagement and attendance service providers or youth worker providers, please contact the Student Health and Mental Wellbeing team at wellbeing@det.nsw.edu.au.

For more information about the Specialist Allied Health and Behaviour Support Provider Scheme, please contact the Inclusive Education team at disability.support@det.nsw.edu.au.

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