Retrenched Workers Assistance

Training Services NSW can help retrenched workers and those affected by company downsizing.

If you are facing retrenchment because your employer is downsizing or closing, you may be eligible for government subsidised training to help you to upskill and retrain for new employment.

Vocational education and training can give you skills and qualifications that are linked to good job prospects and needed by NSW employers. Training is nationally accredited and recognised by employers in all industries.

For training and related support

Contact your local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11 for information and advice on:

  • Government subsidised courses, eligibility conditions and costs
  • Local training providers, careers and employment services, events and activities
  • Skills and trade recognition

Read the job guides to get an understanding of job roles, the training needed, job prospects and pay.

Then go to the Skills Compare search to look for government subsidised training that best meets your needs.

If you are an apprentice or trainee affected by your organisation closing or downsizing the following assistance is available:

  • Continue to undertake funded formal training while looking for a new employer
  • Continuing Apprenticeship Placement Service (CAPS) to match ‘out of work’ apprentices and new entrant trainees with employers

For more information see Continuing Apprentices and Trainees Placement Service (CAPS) or call Training Services NSW on 13 28 11 for information and advice.


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