What to expect

Your apprenticeship or traineeship

Your first day on the job as an apprentice or trainee can be a daunting experience. You’ll have to get used to a fixed routine, arrive at work on time and take breaks when you’re told to.

Long working hours can be difficult to adjust to, especially while you’re absorbing new information. It can take a while, but don’t worry, you will adapt.

Find out more in our welcome guide for apprentices and trainees.

What to expect:

  • You should be given the opportunity to learn the skills of your trade through formal and workplace training
  • You should be trained by a qualified or experienced person
  • You should learn how to use the tools and equipment used in your industry
  • You should receive hands-on experience and training in a wide range of relevant tasks that cover the competencies set out in your training plan
  • You should receive payment for your work outlined in the industrial award or agreement
  • You should work in a healthy and safe environment free from any form of harassment.

What's expected of you?

You must make every effort to gain the skills and knowledge you need to successfully complete your apprenticeship or traineeship.

This includes:

  • following your employer’s instructions (within the law),
  • following the policies and procedures of your workplace and
  • demonstrating a commitment to your employer’s business.

It’s also your role to undertake the training outlined in your training contract and training plan. By entering into your training contract you make a formal commitment to:

  • Gain the skills of your vocation
  • Study for the appropriate qualification
  • Receive training in your workplace
  • Attend training delivered by your Registered Training Organisation
  • Complete assignments and assessments set by your training organisation
  • Maintain record books and a work evidence guide (if required)
  • Contribute to creating a safe and supportive workplace
  • Carry out your obligations as an employee.

Checklist for outstanding apprentices and trainees

Outstanding apprentices and trainees show the following qualities:

  • Ask questions and grow their skills
  • Show interest and enthusiasm
  • Support their co-workers
  • Work on their technical and people skills
  • Are excellent listeners
  • Discuss and resolve concerns
  • Take responsibility
  • Perform duties that may seem menial, such as cleaning and maintaining tools
  • View their apprenticeship or traineeship as their career instead of ‘a job for now.’

While you might not naturally possess the above qualities, if you focus on doing your job well, you’ll start to develop them.

Your supervisor and co-workers know you haven’t been working for long and understand you have a lot to learn. When they started out, they were just like you.


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