Recognition for prior learning and credit transfer

You may be able to finish your apprenticeship or traineeship early if your training organisation and employer agree you meet industry standards.

To complete your training earlier than the official end date, you must:

  • have prior training and knowledge assessed towards your qualification, or
  • have achieved competency quickly.

What is recognition of prior learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or skills recognition means that skills and knowledge you already have may be counted as credit towards your qualification.

  • RPL may reduce the amount of time required to be spent in training in order to gain the qualification.
  • Registered training organisations (RTOs) undertake RPL. Your RTO will gather evidence to determine whether you have relevant knowledge and skills that can be recognised.

RPL can shorten the training time

When applying for credit, the length of time requested for your training contract must be sufficient to allow completion of the remaining units of formal training.

Complete a Request to Adjust Credit form and forward it Training Services NSW. Your Australian Apprenticeship Centre can help if needed.

Competency based completion

Competency based completion allows you to complete the term of your training before the scheduled date of your contract based on demonstrated ability to meet industry standards.

Requests for competency based completion can be approved if:

  • they are supported by both you and your employer
  • the training organisation assesses you as competent to industry standards.

Complete a Request for Competency Based Completion form and submit it to Training Services NSW, along with a copy of the qualification or copy of a transcript issued by your RTO to your local Training Services NSW office.

If your request is approved, Training Services NSW will award you a Certificate of Proficiency and your apprenticeship or traineeship will be completed on a date agreed.


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