What consent sounds like

Two-way communication is a very important skill related to consent. People need to clearly express if they give consent and also need to listen if their partner gives consent.

Verbal communication involves using words or sounds to say “yes” or “no”. Non-verbal communication can include gestures or behaviours and can be used to support verbal communication or is very powerful on its own.

Resource: Stage 5 (Years 9 to 10)

What consent sounds like
What consent DOESN'T sound or look like
"YES!" "No"
"Yassssss" "Stop"
"Absolutely" "Maybe"
"That sounds great" "I'm not sure"
"That feels awesome" "I don't want to"
"Let's do that more" "I don't think I'm ready"
"I'd like to..." "Can we slow things down"
"Would you please..." Pulling away or resisting
"I want to keep doing this" Being silent or not responding
"I'm enjoying this" Agreeing to go on a date
"Can we..." Not showing interest in you


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