The good, the bad and the ugly of relationships

When developing positive relationships it can help to know what behaviours are associated with a good relationship and the warning signs that you might be heading into or creating a bad or 'ugly' relationship. The resources on this page provide some advice on knowing and understanding the difference, and what is meant by consent.

Resource: Years 7 to 8

This table explains respectful relationships. The ‘good’ column outlines positive actions and feelings, the ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’ columns are negative behaviours and feelings and are not signs of a respectful relationship.

Good Bad Ugly
I can see my friends or family whenever I want. I feel overwhelmed by what they want. I have to watch what I do or say around them.
I feel ok about saying ‘no’ to things I don’t want to do. I feel stuck in this relationship. I’m worried about what my partner might do if I tried to leave them.
My partner likes introducing me to his/her friends. I hate it when my partner talks to other guys/girls. My partner makes me feel scared of them.
They like me for who I am. I wish my partner was different. My partner pressures or guilt-trips me into sex.
They listen to me and care about my opinions.

I wish we didn’t see so much of each other.

They snoop and read my texts or messages.
We spend our spare time together. I worry that my partner is cheating on me.
When we go out, we decide together what we’re doing. They get jealous of who I hang out with.
When we’re together, I feel like I can be myself. They ignore me when their mates are around.
When we’re together, we laugh and have fun. We have the same fights over and over again.
With sex and affection, I can say what I like and don’t like. When we’re hanging out, I wish I was somewhere else.


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