Game Changer Challenge alumni

Game Changer champions have the power to create an impact in their community through identifying problems, reframing these as opportunities, and developing solutions with a social enterprise lens.

Here’s how our Game Changer Challenge alumni have changed the game since being crowned champions.

Team MAJAM from Aurora College - 2022 primary champion

Aurora College students channelled their experiences of natural disasters to develop their winning proposal for a ‘Green Wellbeing’ truck with garden beds and a kitchen to bring fresh food, beauty and hope to communities in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

The concept, a standard shipping container with water tanks and solar power, would provide vegetables and herbs “for taste and aroma”, flowers for beauty, and a message of hope.

Video: Team MAJAM's GCC journey

Duration: 3:32

Team MAJAM share their Game Changer Challenge experience.

Quick Stitch from Gymea Technology High School - 2022 secondary champion

The Gymea Year 9 students developed an app with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that links to information on how to use first aid kits for different activities, excursions and locations. The app stores data, links to navigational icons, and works in locations where there is no mobile phone coverage.

Video: Quick Stitch GCC journey

Duration: 2:45

Quick Stitch from Gymea Technology High School share their Game Changer Challenge experience.

Hairliner FC from Gymea Technology High School - 2021

The Hairliner FC team from Gymea Technology High School (Dharawal Country) were finalists in the sustainability-themed 2021 GCC. Since then, they’ve taken their innovation to the next level in an incubation program with GCC industry partner Mott MacDonald, a global consultancy based in London.

They hope to build upon their RecycleIT EDU website prototype – a place where upcycled electronic products are matched with students in need of a learning device to help close the digital divide.

One element of the team’s success in the GCC was their use of a ‘Hackathon’-style workshop.

“It sets some clear direction and outcomes for the project, and it forces quick thinking, collaboration and problem-solving for the kids,” said Principal Peter Marsh.

Read more about Hairliner FC's incubation experience.

The Daily Specials from Bossley Park High School - 2020

The Daily Specials worked with mentors to create a community garden with an interactive screen that would help new migrants and refugees to connect, in different languages, through sharing recipes and food.
The Daily Specials team worked hard to bring their idea to life and were awarded Fairfield Council's "Most Outstanding Youth Group" award. The team now has an invitation to collaborate with Fairfield Council on the project!

Video: Game Changer Champions 2020

Duration: 4:35

The Daily Specials from Bossley Park High School.


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