I'm being bullied

What to do if you're being bullied, including who to talk to and strategies to respond.

How you might feel

Bullying affects each person in different ways. You may feel:

  • ashamed because it’s happening to you
  • unable to get out of the situation
  • alone, with no one to help you
  • unsafe and afraid
  • like it’s your fault
  • like you don't fit in with the cool group
  • stressed about what to do.

Talk to someone

It’s important to seek help from others, especially if the bullying has been going on for a while and nothing you’ve done seems to work.

Telling someone isn’t dobbing or weak. It shares the problem and helps you feel supported.

  • Talk to your friends: they can help you tell a teacher or your parents or just to feel better.
  • Talk to your parents: tell them what's been happening.
  • Talk to your teacher or another staff member such as your school’s counsellor or psychologist: tell them the situation. If you don't want to do this where others might hear you, make an excuse to see the teacher about something else, for example your homework, and talk in private.
  • If you can't talk to someone face-to-face, you can contact Kids Helpline. You can call them for free on 1800 55 1800.
  • If you feel unsafe or physically threatened, call the police.

Strategies to try

If you’re not in any immediate danger of being physically hurt and you feel confident you can do them, try these strategies:

  • Ignore the bullying. Turn your back and walk away.
  • Act unimpressed or pretend you don't care what they say or do to you. You could say, “Okay, whatever” and walk away.
  • Say “No” or “Just stop!” firmly.

What can I do online?

Online bullying can happen to anyone, anytime, and can leave you feeling unsafe and alone. See cyberbullying.

Talk to someone

Tell an adult about the online bullying. This could be a parent or carer, relative, adult friend or teacher.

Your school can help to deal with bullying whether it happens in person or online if others students are involved.

If you're not comfortable to talk to someone face to face, contact Kids Helpline. You can call them for free on 1800 551 800.

Report it

Adapted with permission from Bullying. No Way!

Access wellbeing support

It is important to look after your own wellbeing. For more information visit mental health resources and wellbeing services.


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