Whole school universal strategies

  • Forms part of a whole school prevention and early intervention approach that is inclusive of all students
  • Improves students’ health literacy and help seeking behaviours through engagement with the whole school community
  • Strengthens all staff’s capacity to recognise and respond early to students’ health and wellbeing needs.

  • Targets known public and age appropriate health and wellbeing issues leading to proactive responses
  • Uses existing resources within the school community, promoting sustainability
  • The role that all staff play in supporting students’ health and wellbeing is valued and supported.

  • Ensuring there is a collective vision and clarification of purpose across the school community, with an understanding of supports available
  • Some schools may have a higher concentration of students who need additional supports; approach may not address individual student need/s.
  • Schools may require support to embed evaluation practices.


  • Student management and wellbeing


  • Mental health

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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