Life Ready

Life Ready is a mandatory 25-hour course designed to prepare and support senior students as they encounter situations related to health and safety as they become more independent and gain more responsibilities. It focuses on offering opportunities for students to build the functional knowledge and skills for life post school.

The content of the school’s Life Ready program should be based on the needs and interests of students. This means that each year, every school should develop a program that is relevant to the particular group or cohort of senior students.

The planning, delivery and evaluation of Life Ready should be guided by student learning needs and community context. Involving the school community, including students, in this process is key to success.

As individual students will respond in different ways to the Life Ready content, and given potential sensitivities around the issues explored, it is essential that program content:

  1. be approved by the school’s Principal before being implemented
  2. comply with the Department’s Controversial Issues in Schools Policy, ensuring parents and carers are informed about the participation of the children in the Life Ready program.

Updated advice for schools 2021

The following is practical information for schools on the delivery of Life Ready to students in years 11 and/or 12 for the 2021 school year.

The department will provide principals with discretion in determining that a year 12 student has met the requirements Life Ready. For 2021, schools will be considered to have met indicative hours provided that they had in place timetables and arrangements in place that would have meant that, in ordinary circumstances, these requirements would have been met. For example: a school has a year 12 cohort who were scheduled to be involved in seminars or a camp to meet their hours, which is now unable to be delivered.

Some schools may have planned for a camp or seminar delivery of Life Ready content for year 11 students in 2021. These opportunities are now unavailable due to COVID-19, impacting delivery of the course content. Schools should make adjustments to the timing of these seminars where possible. For example: moving the Life Ready course and seminars into 2022, when students are in year 12.

Where possible, schools can use online delivery and online learning activities. Examples of these resources will be made available in term 4 on this website. 

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