Tier 2, Targeted

The school team responsible for Tier 2 targeted interventions address students' social-emotional and behavioural learning through evidence-based supports which are delivered to small groups of students or individual students.

Tier 2 interventions are:

  • continuously available
  • accessible within 72 hours of referral
  • aligned with school-wide expectations
  • flexible and based on assessment
  • function-based
  • allocated adequate resources
  • continuously monitor

Team membership includes:

  • principal
  • positive behaviour for learning (PBL) team representative/s
  • learning and support teacher with behavioural and academic expertise
  • school counsellor
  • coach support
  • teachers

Team responsibilities are to:

  • connect with and build upon the essential features of Tier 1 Universal Supports
  • connect with and build upon systems and practices of evidenced-based effective classroom practices
  • establish team member roles and responsibilities, including identification of coordinators of the Tier 2 Targeted Group Interventions
  • use effective team meeting processes
  • develop procedures and data decision rules for early student identification
  • provide behavioural assessment and match students function of behaviour to appropriate interventions and supports
  • coordinate the Tier 2 classroom problem-solving process and Targeted Group Interventions
  • coordinate and communicate with the team that coordinates Tier 3 Intensive Individualised supports
  • use data to monitor and evaluate student progress and overall program effectiveness
  • communicate to all staff and relevant stakeholders about interventions and responsibilities

Tier 2 Targeted interventions systems:

  • build upon Tier 1 Universal Prevention systems
  • match students to interventions
  • monitor and review to decide whether to fade, maintain or intensify interventions
  • communicate with staff and families

Tier 2 Targeted interventions practices can include:

  • check-in check-out (CICO)
  • social skills groups
  • check and connect
  • mentoring
  • zones of regulation
  • be you
  • cool kids anxiety program


  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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