Parents, carers and community

The best education happens when parents and schools work together. Working together as partners is fundamental to maintaining positive student behaviour in schools. Parents, students and the wider school community have a shared commitment to keep schools safe. NSW public schools help to promote positive behaviour and support vulnerable students by building strong links with parents, carers and school communities.

Meaningful community engagement and partnerships

Consider these suggestions for building sustainable parent, carer and community partnerships.

  • Ensure that partnerships are genuine and meaningful.
  • Draw on knowledge from different perspectives.
  • Use an interdisciplinary approach to supporting student needs.
  • Provide opportunities for delivery support staff to work directly with school staff to build reciprocal understandings about behaviour support needs.
  • Use parent associations to improve communication and engagement with parents and families.
  • Take advantage of social media platforms to increase meaningful engagement with school communities.
  • Nominate a skilled staff member to be responsible for community engagement opportunities and provide them with a role statement and time for planning.
  • Use a trauma-informed approach when working with families to promote awareness and sensitivity.
  • Use strategies to promote positive communication and build trust with families of students with behaviour support needs.
  • Be aware of preferred communication styles of parents, carers and the wider school community and use a range of communication modes to ensure you are inclusive.


Cambridge Park Public School

Designed by students, Cambridge Park Public School’s preschool garden was a valuable community partnership and work skills initiative. The garden has engaged parents, staff and the local TAFE to work together.

Taree High School

At Taree High School, parents and Elders play an important role in a genuine consultative process. A series of programs like Sista Speak and Bro Speak are embedded in school life and empower students while a valued mentor, their Elder-in-Residence, shares his knowledge of Aboriginal art, history and culture.

Cabramatta High School

Cabramatta High School integrates effectively with the community through three innovative school based programs: using the art of Capoeira Angola, overcoming trauma through building inclusion, connection and empowerment; a Year 9 GOALS setting program with corporate mentors from local businesses; and the ‘Box with a cop’ program.

Menindee Central School

Focusing on building relationships, Menindee Central School contacts parents and community members through a variety of ways designed to suit individual preferences. The school celebrates Aboriginal culture each term through a community project and created a ‘Yarn Up Circle’, a great way to start conversations with parents and the community.

More information

Wellbeing Framework for Schools.

Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.

The School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools to ensure our learning environments are collaborative, supportive and cohesive.

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