Provider Category Review FAQs

What is the Provider Category Review?

The Provider Category Review is an ongoing process undertaken by the Department to understand and improve the determination and effect of provider categories. Part of this process involved a provider category confirmation.

See the Provider category review page for further information.

How does the provider category confirmation affect me?

The provider category confirmation process was undertaken to gather information as part of the Provider Category Review. There is no change to existing OSHC Licences resulting from this process, including if a provider does not meet the relevant criteria for the provider category identified in their OSHC Licence.

What happens if I do not meet the criteria for the provider category identified in my OSHC Licence?

There is no change to your existing OSHC Licence. Provider categories are assessed each time a new OSHC Licence is entered into or an OSHC Licence is renewed. The correct provider category will be determined for you for any new or renewed OSHC Licence based on the provider category definitions and criteria applicable at that time.

Why didn’t I receive a survey?

Wherever possible, provider categories were confirmed by searches of public registers. This removed the need to seek information and supporting documents from providers.

Why did I receive a different survey to another provider?

As the purpose of the surveys was to receive information and supporting documentation to confirm the provider category identified in the OSHC Licence, surveys were tailored accordingly. In some instances, surveys referring to all 3 categories were sent to providers – however this has no impact on the scope or outcomes of the review. The responses to the surveys do not affect existing OSHC Licences.

Why can’t I change my provider category?

Provider categories are determined at the time the OSHC Licence is entered into. A change can be made to your provider category in a new OSHC Licence or on renewing your existing OSHC Licence. The provider category definitions and criteria in place at that time will apply.


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