Per capita grant

Per capita grants help cover school operating costs such as teaching materials, staff wages and new equipment.

The amount of the grant is based on the number of students who have enrolled in your community language school. You can apply for this grant after 12 months of operating your school. You can also apply for a Specific project grant at the same time.

Who can apply?

You may receive a per capita grant if your community language school:

  • has been operating for more than 12 months
  • is managed by an organisation which is a not-for-profit legal entity
  • is located more than two kilometres away from any other community language school that teaches the same language
  • normally has a minimum of 20 school-aged students enrolled. (Schools outside a metropolitan area with less than 20 students may be eligible for funding in some circumstances.)
  • is open to school students from Kindergarten to Year 12, regardless of their language background
  • has students who attend at least 70 per cent of lessons in Term 1
  • holds classes outside school hours for at least 35 weeks of the year
  • provides a minimum of two hours per week face-to-face language teaching based on a sound educational program.

What can the grant be used for?

You can use the grant for:

  • teaching materials
  • stationery, photocopying
  • technology
  • payments to teachers
  • buying educational equipment
  • expenses associated with the administration of the schools.

You cannot use the grant for capital purposes such as buildings, repairs, maintenance or renovations.

What are the conditions?

Your community language school must show:

  • it is an organisation with 'incorporated association' status
  • it has the correct insurances
  • it has followed the correct steps for setting up a school
  • your statement of income and expenditure is complete for the year if you have received funding through the program before
  • your student enrolment and attendance records are in excellent order (program staff may check these at any time).

New online learning pilot program

In 2024 the Community Languages School Program is introducing an online learning pilot to provide community languages school students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes and may be living in regional or remote areas, with the opportunity to learn their heritage language.

Eligibility criteria includes

Language schools must:

  • be currently funded by the Community Languages Schools Program.

  • provide a minimum of two hours per week language online teaching, based on a sound educational program.

  • limit online class time to a maximum of 60 minutes on any one day with the remaining time to be delivered on a different day or delivered asynchronously/offline through tasks, projects or homework.

  • limit class sizes for each online class to a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 students for primary aged students and 15 for high school aged students.
  • Offer online classes to school age students who reside in New South Wales.

Further information

To find out more refer to the Online Learning Pilot Program Guidelines.

If your organisation has been approved to take part in this pilot you can select one of 10 online school location(s) and add all relevant online class details to your 2024 Per Capita Grant application.

Successful schools must participate in an evaluation of the pilot program at the end of 2024.

When is the closing date?

You must apply online by 15 May 2024.

Ready to apply?

Read the apply for a grant page to find out what documents you need to submit and how to submit online.


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