Resource Allocation Model

The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) was developed to ensure a fair, efficient and transparent allocation of the state public education budget for every school.

The RAM consists of three components
Image: The RAM consists of three components.

Funding to NSW public schools through the RAM methodology is in its sixth year.

Every school receives a Planned School Budget Allocation Report in October that shows the full school funding allocation including staffing and operational costs. The report assists schools to develop their own budget and allocate funding to deliver on the strategic directions in their school plan. It includes each school's allocations for the seven loadings of the 2019 RAM.

Annual school funding cycle

The following short video animation 'Annual School Funding Cycle' (2 mins 40 secs) explains the annual funding cycle in NSW public schools. This animation helps school communities to understand the elements used to calculate a school's annual budget allocation, and key milestones in this annual cycle.

School Funding Cycle Animation.

Managing your total school budget

The following short video 'Managing your total school budget' (2 mins 21 secs) is an animation explaining how principals in NSW Public Schools are able to strategically manage their total school budget to deliver improved learning outcomes for all their students.

Managing your total school budget.

Transcript of 'Managing your total school budget' video

The journey to School Excellence

The following video 'The journey to School Excellence' (2 mins 13 secs) is an animation demonstrating the link between Strategic Schools Resourcing (SSR), RAM and School Excellence.

The journey to School Excellence.

Transcript of 'The journey to School Excellence' video.

Several resources have been prepared to help principals communicate these changes to their staff and school community.

Gonski Funding: making the difference every day

The following video 'Gonski Funding: making the difference every day' (4 mins 20 secs) provides stories of how schools have used the funding to improve student learning outcomes.

Gonski Funding making the difference every day.

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