Resource Allocation Model (RAM)

The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) was developed to ensure a fair, efficient and transparent allocation of the state public education budget for every school.

The components of the RAM can be seen in the triangle below. The 7 RAM loadings are shown on the left side, with needs-based funding allocations indicated on the right side. Some of the RAM loadings are also needs-based funding allocations.

The RAM consists of 3 components The RAM consists of 3 components
Image: The RAM consists of 3 components.

Every school receives a School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) in October that shows the full school funding allocation for the following year, including staffing and operational costs. The report assists schools to develop a budget and allocate funding to deliver on the strategic directions in their Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP). It includes each school's allocations for the 7 loadings of the RAM.

Each NSW public school receives an SBAR Adjustments, usually late in Term 1 or early in Term 2, updating and confirming the SBAR allocations for the current year.

Image: The RAM through the years

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