BASC services operate in more than 800 public schools in NSW as well as another 930 offsite services operating in other locations. They provide a mix of before and after school hours care and vacation care for primary school students. Since June 2019, more than 124 new BASC services have opened, and more than 14,000 additional places have been created.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring every primary school child in NSW has access to before and after school care. The commitment is delivering a range of funded innovative solutions to clear waiting lists in areas of highest demand and greatest need.

The BASC team works in collaboration with schools, parents, and service providers to create tailored solutions that meet community needs.

Supporting the BASC sector is a key factor in the recovery of the NSW economy from the impact of COVID-19.

To understand the changing requirements of families, we conduct regular parent demand surveys and school census that inform decisions about providing flexible, affordable care for families.

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