The 2022/23 Grants Program is now open!

The Department of Education has launched new grant programs with funding targeted to current outside school hours care (OSHC) providers.

OSHC services play an essential role in the livelihood and wellbeing of NSW families. Three grants have been designed to ensure providers are well supported in delivering affordable, flexible and quality care, to address demand and provide access to before and after school care for every NSW primary school child who needs it.

Check out the grants below which are available to approved OSHC providers.

Transport Grant

The Transport Grant funds transport solutions to improve access to Before and After School Care services. Access for students in small, regional, and rural schools is a particular priority with this grant.

Applicants may seek up to $160,000 (GST inclusive) to fund transport-related expenses, pending eligibility as detailed in these guidelines.

This is a competitive grant program, which will run across two rounds in 2022-2023. Grant eligibility criteria and further details are available here. The first round ofapplications are currently being assessed.

The second round of applications are now open.

  • For grant eligibility criteria, please click here
  • Click here to submit your application

Development Grant

The Development Grant Program aims to encourage and support projects, initiatives and programs that are designed to increase the viability of an approved service. This sustainability may be achieved through such things as increased utilisation and enrolments, more accessible and attractive programming, administrative efficiencies, staff training, marketing and more.

Round 2 of the Development Grant is now open. Applications for round 1 are currently being assessed.

  • For grant eligibility criteria, please click here
  • Click here to submit your application

P&C Transition Grant Program

Providers may apply for up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) to reimburse legal costs directly associated with the transition process, pending eligibility as detailed in the grant guidelines. You can find more information on the P&C Transition Process here

  • You can download the eligibility guidelines here.
  • Complete your application here.

Innovation Grant

The Innovation Grant Program seeks to encourage the development of creative and innovative approaches that will ensure NSW primary school students have access to BASC services that incorporate industry best-practice. This grant program supports the researching, testing, piloting and/or implementing a new idea or approach.

Applications for this grant have now closed and are currently being assessed.

Vacation Care Grant

The Vacation Care Grant Program is designed to encourage and support the development of new and innovative projects that will contribute to the viability of an approved Vacation Care service, with priority given to those projects that target access for children from vulnerable cohorts.

The Vacation Care Grant has now closed and applications are currently being assessed.

Grants information session

On 16 September 2022, the BASC Program Team hosted an information session for providers who are interested in improving their grant applications.

A recording of the session is available here.

If you have any further questions, please email and one of our grants team will be in touch.

The NSW Department of Education early childhood education and care roadshow was held online throughout September 2022. You can view the sessions from the roadshow that were recorded here.

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