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Find a school, enrol and browse the school calendar.

Finding a public school

Find a public school, explore designated intake and catchment areas, and access contact details for all public schools and directors.


How to enrol in NSW public preschools, primary schools and high schools, designated enrolment areas, forms, general enrolment information.

High schools

Includes information about learning in high school, special learning needs; sports, technology, specialist and selective high schools.

Primary schools

Includes information about learning in primary school, Best Start kindergarten assessment, before and after-school care, and helping students at home.


Programs for children one year before Kindergarten. Some preschools cater specifically to Aboriginal children and distance education.

Schools for specific purposes

SSPs provide intensive levels of support in a specialised educational setting. Specialist support classes are only available in some of our schools.


NSW public school holidays and NSW Department of Education term dates such as NAPLAN, Selective School Testing and HSC exhibitions.

Translated documents

An alphabetical list of helpful fact sheets and information about NSW public schools translated into many languages.

Privacy information

Some digital applications ('apps') used in school store student data when in use. Explore this list of privacy information for each app.

School Community Charter

The School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools.

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Two primary school students playing with lego in class.

Before and After School Care (BASC)

The NSW Government is working hard to deliver on its $120 million commitment to expand access to BASC for public primary school children across NSW.

December calendar

School calendar

  • Term 4 2019
  • School development days*
  • Summer school vacation
  • Christmas public holidays

Check with your local school as some dates may change.

Policy library

Learn about the department's policies, guidelines, and procedures to create a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment.

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