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A valuable learning opportunity for your school and students.

The challenge has been designed to introduce a culture of change around the way curriculum is taught in the classroom and to encourage the interdisciplinary application of subject content to real-world problems and the development of general capabilities in students.

Whether you are new to design thinking concepts or are a seasoned veteran, participating in this challenge will provide opportunities to gain valuable insights and confidence to apply design thinking in your classroom.

Design thinking and the curriculum

Design thinking is a tool that teachers can add to their toolkit to develop future-focused skills and learning across the curriculum – in particular, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, empathy and the interdisciplinary application of knowledge to solve complex real-world problems.

Design thinking in our schools

Schools use different elements of design thinking in the classroom, whether implicitly or explicitly. It's a creative way to get to the answer to a problem, and to understand how you learn.

Design thinking is often used in the school planning process. It allows schools to empathise with students, teachers and the community to understand their needs, putting the student at the centre of planning at the school level.

Design thinking also offers a good way to combine quantitative and qualitative data in school plans and profiles. It helps make sense of statistics, giving them a context.

Teaching resource now available

The design thinking across the curriculum resource can be used across the curriculum, particularly in Years 3-8.

It starts by giving everyone involved in solving a problem a chance to be heard, and goes on to explore defining, ideating, prototyping and testing solutions.

Guided activities include brainstorming, analysis, critical thinking and mind mapping.

A valuable learning opportunity

'Having the coaches teach the design thinking process to the students (while the teachers observed) was excellent. It was akin to attending a TPL where you could put the new skills immediately into practice, reflect and amend. Very powerful session.' Mount Terry Public School
'I came back and straight away ran a mini design thinking challenge with both my Year 10 classes, and I have plans to take my game changers to the primary school next door to run design thinking sessions over there.' Lake Munmorah High School
'The best student activity I have attended in the seven years I have been at this school.' Mendooran Central School

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