Our dedicated early childhood professionals are the heart and soul of our sector.

To help support this invaluable work, the Department of Education is developing programs to attract more ECEC professionals, retain current teachers and educators, and provide opportunities for existing professionals to upskill.

NSW’s skilled and invaluable early learning professionals are helping children become learners for life through quality, play-based education, setting them up for a future of health and happiness. A career in early learning offers job security and career progression, with new programs providing financial relief and support for teachers and educators, no matter what stage you are at in your career.

Early childhood education and care is changing in NSW, and supporting and enhancing the capabilities of the diverse early learning workforce is our priority.

With increased scholarships, improved professional development, and research to investigate delivery models, we are committed to support our existing workforce as well as strengthening the workforce pipeline.

We have been developing options, in consultation with the sector, to support a trial for ECEC services to offer free or low-cost ECEC for the children of their teachers and educators. The department is working with sector experts to attract, retain and upskill early learning professionals across the state. There’s never been a better time to be doing meaningful, rewarding work that makes a difference to the lives of children, families and communities in NSW.

Get started with information on support, pathways, opportunities and next steps.

Discover a career

Start your career in ECEC with information on support, pathways and next steps.

Develop your skills

Build on your qualification, passion and experience in the ECEC sector.

Professional learning

Maintain accreditation hours and expand your knowledge and skills.

Building career excellence

No matter where you are on your early childhood education and care (ECEC) professional journey, we have information, support and incentives to help you upskill and connect to the wider educator community.

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