New Arrivals Program

The New Arrivals Program provides intensive English language tuition for eligible newly arrived students who are learning English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) at the beginning and emerging phases.

Access to New Arrivals Program support

The New Arrivals Program provides funding for additional staffing to support EAL/D students in primary schools and rural and regional secondary schools.

New Arrivals Program funding is provided as a budget adjustment and not through the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR).

To apply for New Arrivals Program support, schools complete an online application through the online data collection for schools website.

Refer to the New Arrivals Program website for more information about student eligibility and support.

All schools have a Strategic Improvement Plan showing the steps they will take to improve learning outcomes and the achievement and growth of their students. Schools report to their community about the effective use of New Arrivals Program funding through their annual report.


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