Division profiles

The NSW Department of Education serves the community by leading the provision of world-class education. The department protects young children by regulating preschool and long day care providers. Once children move into school, we provide them with a world-class primary and secondary education. We also work to advance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services supports the work of divisions and the delivery of high-quality teaching in schools by providing information and communication technologies to students, teachers and staff in schools across the state, and supports future approaches to teaching and learning, including digital technology.

The division develops and negotiates industrial awards and agreements, and provides strategic industrial relations advice and analysis. It provides legal support and expert advice to schools and the wider department, and arranges for the department to be represented before a range of courts and tribunals.

Corporate Services coordinates the allocation, monitoring, reporting and management of financial resources across the department. It ensures value and efficiency in purchasing, and compliance with procurement requirements.

The division also provides high-level customer service to schools, corporate staff and vendors through the department’s shared services centre, EDConnect.

Educational Services

Educational Services delivers highly effective educational, corporate and business services to support teaching and learning in 2,208 public schools across NSW.

The division works closely with School Operations and Performance to deliver on the department’s commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for every student in a NSW public school.

The learning and wellbeing of students is the focus of the division’s work. It coordinates and delivers high-quality and responsive policies and services to schools to improve student learning outcomes.

At the state level, the division leads policy, process and programs in learning, teaching and wellbeing, as well as Aboriginal education and engagement. It also develops and implements business systems to support the work of schools.

The new School Services directorate links the policy and operational functions of the division and leads the delivery of services locally to public schools across the state.

Education Futures and Governance

Education Futures and Governance strengthens educational and community outcomes by leading policy reform and innovation to ensure education best prepares young people to successfully navigate a more complex world and the future they face. The division drives strategic reform initiatives, secures national and state funding for education services, distributes funding to non-government schools and preschool providers, and promotes high-quality standards for early childhood education.

The division provides high-level, strategic support and advice to the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning. EFG supports the Minister in strategic discussions with the Australian Government and other jurisdictions. As the principal point of contact for non-government and private education systems and providers, EFG also advises the Minister on non-government school policy and funding, and develops and coordinates NSW Government policy on national issues in education and early childhood education. EFG regulates early childhood services across the state and is responsible for funding preschool service providers, as well as advising on early childhood policies and projects.

Office of the Secretary

This office supports the work of the Secretary as well as the department’s relationships with key stakeholders outside of the department, to help meet strategic objectives across the Education cluster. Our work includes secretariat support for Executive; support for Ministerial Offices; and responding to Cabinet and other government business. The office is also responsible for providing assistance with media enquiries and with correspondence, helping to share stories of success in our system.

People and Culture

The People Group is responsible for ensuring educational outcomes through support and development of our people. This work includes human resources, workforce strategy, a focus on strengthening school leadership, boosting the supply of high quality teachers and ensuring that Education is a high performing organisation and a great place to work.

The division also leads work across communications, work health and safety, developing better technology for our human resources functions, and drives accountability through professional and ethical standards.

School Infrastructure NSW

School Infrastructure NSW is a delivery-focused unit charged with the implementation of the School Assets Strategic Plan, a blueprint for the future of school infrastructure in NSW.

School Infrastructure NSW is also responsible for:

  • supplying learning spaces that support modern teaching pedagogy
  • ensuring play space at our new schools meets student needs
  • incorporating design principles that make our schools more environmentally sustainable
  • engaging with local communities during the planning process for new and upgraded school infrastructure
  • effectively managing school maintenance needs
  • making school facilities and grounds more accessible to local communities
  • working in close partnership with the private sector to ensure we are innovative in the way new schools are delivered
  • being a responsible custodian of our Aboriginal and European heritage
  • keeping communities involved in the plans for their schools.

School Operations and Performance

School Operations and Performance leads the public education system, which includes 2,208 public schools across NSW and preschools at 100 of its primary and central schools. Government preschools provide an educational preschool program for children in the year before they are enrolled in Kindergarten, with a particular focus on services for disadvantaged communities.

School Operations and Performance is responsible for:

  • providing quality public education for all students in NSW government schools
  • providing service and support to principals and teachers in all NSW government schools to deliver high-quality public education.

Skills and Higher Education

The Skills and Higher Education division advises on strategic policy in higher and tertiary education and leads and manages the implementation of funded vocational education and training programs and services across NSW. This includes contracting and funding providers, quality assurance, leading reforms and administering apprenticeships and traineeships and Aboriginal programs.

Strategy & Delivery

The Strategy and Delivery division is focused on ensuring the delivery of improved student outcomes through setting clear objectives, and supporting those with the right resources and routines to support impact. The following three directorates report to the division:

The Delivery Unit

The delivery unit focuses on supporting the department to deliver improved student outcomes through working with partners across the department on a few system-wide priorities from inception through to implementation. The support includes developing capability and capacity across the department in project and program management, delivery and benefits realisation. It is a small and dynamic team that works in a complex, fast-paced and evolving environment that will grow as it takes on new projects and priorities.

Policy Coordination and Governance

Policy Coordination and Governance provides strategic advice on public sector governance and high-quality support for the machinery of government enabling the department to respond to the urgent needs and high expectations of government.

Policy Coordination and Governance helps divisions meet their obligations and achieve their goals by:

  • coordinating timely and high-quality advice to Ministers, and ensuring the department’s advice and positions on policy are reflected to government
  • collating the department’s operational policies to support good decision-making and accountability
  • providing training, information and support on matters relating to public sector governance, risk and performance
  • delivering systems and processes that integrate good governance into core business.

Communication and Engagement

The Communication and Engagement directorate delivers strategic communications, media relations, school and department websites, public school promotion and community engagement. The team:

  • leads the department’s positive news program and runs the news hub, aiming to promote the department as a provider of world-class education in NSW with its eyes on the future skills and capability needs of students
  • operates the core channels of engagement for the department including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and our website, as well as helping others to tell the story of education through our Film Pond network and influencers
  • is the central point of contact for journalists looking for information from the department
  • provides professional communication advice, strategies and services to support units and teams across the department communicate effectively with their stakeholders
  • builds the capacity of school leaders to achieve their communication, relationship building and community engagement objectives

NSW Department of Education organisational chart

Download our current organisational chart (PDF 90.06KB).

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