Schools and students: 2011 statistical bulletin

This bulletin was originally published 30 January 2013.

Image: Schools and students 2011 statistical bulletin


NSW government schools
Primary schools 1,613
Separate infants schools 17
Central/community schools 67
Secondary schools 398
Schools for Specific Purposes (SSP) 113
Environmental Education Centres (EEC) 23
Total government schools 2,231
Preschools attached to primary/infants schools 99
Separate preschools 1
Total preschools 100
NSW non-government schools
Primary schools 499
Secondary schools 155
Primary/secondary schools 228
Special schools 34
Total non-government schools 916
Full-time equivalent (FTE) enrolments in NSW government schools
Primary enrolments 433,873
Secondary enrolments 306,893.2
SSP enrolments 4,774
Total enrolments 750,540.2
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Total Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enrolments 45,184
Percentage of total Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enrolments 6.1%
Part-time students (Year 11-12 only)
Number of part-time students 1,915
FTE enrolments 1,148.2
Preschool students
Number of preschool students 4,416
FTE enrolments 2,484.9
Students from language background other than English (LBOTE)
LBOTE enrolments in government schools 224,794
LBOTE enrolments as percentage of total enrolments 29.6%

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