Study leave

4.15.1 General

Applications for study leave are subject to the following principles:

  • Permanent and temporary teachers applying for full time study leave must have completed two years of full time continuous service or the equivalent part time.
  • Study leave will only be granted to undertake courses that are either highly relevant to a teacher’s professional development or of particular value to the Department.
  • As study leave will only be granted at the Department’s discretion and with the approval of a teacher’s principal, enrolment in courses should not be undertaken in anticipation of leave being granted.

4.15.2 Study Leave Without Pay to Accept an Award or Study Full Time

Principals may approve leave without pay for teachers awarded a scholarship or teachers who enrol in full time studies at a tertiary institution under the following conditions:

a) for study which is relevant to the teacher’s professional development or of value to the Department;

b) in the case of a teacher being awarded a scholarship: for the period of the award plus, where relevant, travelling time;

c) where teachers enrol in full time studies at a tertiary institution: for the school year, the academic year or semester;

d) that there is no major disruption to school operations and the delivery of educational programs and the replacement costs can be met from within the school budget.

4.15.3 Study Leave on Full Pay for Two Hours per Week

Principals may approve study leave on full pay for travelling time and attendance at lectures for up to two hours per week for teachers undertaking tertiary courses. The following conditions apply:

  • the course is relevant to the teacher’s professional development;
  • the course is not available outside school hours;
  • the maximum period of leave including travelling time must not exceed two hours per week;
  • teaching time, while absent on leave, does not have to be made up;

4.15.4 Study Leave for External (e.g. online/distance education courses) and Evening Studies

Principals may approve up to five days study leave per year for teachers enrolled in external or evening courses of study relevant to the teacher’s professional development. The following conditions apply:

a) teachers enrolled in postgraduate studies or a second degree related to a teacher’s professional development may be granted study leave without pay for up to five days per year;

b) in addition, leave without pay or long service leave to credit may be granted where leave in excess of five days is required.

c) this leave is available:

  • for travel and attendance at compulsory residential schools;
  • to meet other compulsory course requirements such as field excursions, case studies, study visits and practical work;

Examination leave, pre-examination leave and leave to attend graduation ceremonies may also be available under the ‘special leave’ category.

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