Leave in the case of natural emergencies

4.9.1 Disruptions to schools resulting from natural emergencies may result in schools temporarily ceasing operations. Please refer to the Health and Safety Directorate’s Procedures to temporarily cease operations due to an emergency or potential emergency situation.

4.9.2 Teachers should make reasonable decisions about their safety and wellbeing in regard to safely getting to work. With reference to available information, they should determine whether it is safe or not to travel to their school, or to an alternative school which is accessible.

4.9.3 Teachers who are unable to attend their own or another school because of floods, snowfall, bushfires or other natural emergencies may be granted family and community service leave.

4.9.4 Should a teacher exhaust their family and community service leave entitlement as a result of a natural emergency, consideration may be given to grant additional family and community service leave in the event of another natural emergency arising.

4.9.5 In the event that a casual teacher has reported to a school for duty but has subsequently been sent home due to the adverse weather/natural disaster they are entitled to receive one half of one day’s pay.

4.9.6 Teachers who are members of a volunteer emergency service fighting fires or floods should refer to Sub-Section 4.14.22 State emergencies of Section 4.14 Special leave.

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