Participate on a selection panel

It is essential that all members and conveners of selection panels understand the procedures required for selecting school staff through advertised positions.

To assist principals, directors, school community members, panel conveners/hiring managers, and other members of selection panels, the department has prepared a suite of e-learning material.

Experienced panel conveners and panel members who wish to update their training are also encouraged to use these materials.

Training for new panel members and conveners

This self-paced e-learning course consists of a series of modules designed for new panel members or conveners.

Resources (staff only) are available to assist panel conveners in navigating IWorkForNSW.

Training for principals and directors

This course is designed for use by principals and directors when training groups of panel members and conveners.

Presenters' notes can be accessed by clicking on the speech bubble icon, located at the top left corner of each screen.

Key documents

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