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Assessment advice

Resources, advice and support for teachers assessing student learning.

Assessment dates

A list of assessments department schools could be asked to complete during the calendar year, including mandatory national and state assessments.


Provides information about NAPLAN for NSW schools.

Teaching strategies

Literacy and numeracy teaching resources mapped to NSW stage based skills. These resources are being updated to reflect changes to the curriculum and learning progressions

Record of school achievement (RoSA)

Requirements and eligibility for the RoSA credential in Stage 5 and Stage 6.


Online diagnostic science assessments for students in Years 6, 8 and 10.

Stage 6 - monitoring and support

Stage 6 assessment and reporting support for schools

Policy library

Learn about the department's policies, guidelines, and procedures to create a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment.

Topics include:

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School Calendar

Check with your local school as some dates may change.

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