Data collection

Background information about students with English as an additional language or dialect is collected on enrolment and maintained regularly. Schools are required to report using the LBOTE and EAL/D student data in ERN at particular times each year for the completion of the LBOTE census and the EALD annual survey.

Maintain EAL/D in ERN

The Enrolment and Registration Number (ERN) process has been established for collection of student data at enrolment. Provisions have been made within the Maintain EAL/D function of ERN to support the updating of all relevant LBOTE and EAL/D student data. While ERN student data is primarily used to inform school programming and planning it is also informs the allocation of resources to schools.

The Maintain EAL/D function can be used to update student EAL/D phase information and to check the accuracy and completeness of LBOTE and EALD student data.

ERN Maintain EAL/D does not permit access to any confidential information. Only relevant information to the LBOTE and EAL/D status of students can be accessed. The only change that can be made is to the EAL/D phase of students and the date of last assessment.

Access to Maintain EAL/D is provided by the principal, through the ERN Access Management Utility. Access must be granted by the principal before teachers can use this function.

Student EAL/D phase and the date of last assessment should be updated every 6 months. Schools review and update students' EAL/D phase data at the end of each year and prior to the mid-year EAL/D annual survey.

EAL/D Annual Survey

EAL/D teacher allocations are reviewed each year according to information provided in the EAL/D annual survey. The survey is conducted mid-year, due at the end of June.

Specialist EAL/D teachers are allocated to primary schools and high schools according to the relative need for EAL/D support. This support is determined by the numbers of EAL/D students and their phase of English language learning reported by schools in the annual survey.

EAL/D teacher allocations vary each year as the fixed number of EAL/D teacher positions are redistributed according to the survey data. Schools are informed of their EAL/D allocation for the following year by term 4.


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