Communicating with parents about their child's progress.

Communicating with parents and carers

Schools will be required to provide at least one formal opportunity for parents and carers to receive information on their child’s learning at home and school. This information may be provided through discussions using online technology or via telephone.

Formal feedback sessions should provide parents and/or students with:

  • information specifically related to student learning progress and growth through semester one
  • information about their learning in relation to syllabus outcomes covered
  • practical strategies that will support students to make further progress in their learning.

Especially for older students, this opportunity can be used to engage in a 3 way conversation (parent/teacher/student) that focuses on student growth and agency in their learning.

Digital portfolios

If you and/or your students have been using a digital portfolio to collect evidence of learning you can share this with parents and carers.

You could share student work before any live discussion to help students and adults prepare questions and structure your discussions.


  • Teaching and learning


  • Reporting
  • Student assessment

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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