New Arrivals Program support

The New Arrivals Program provides staffing allocations to schools to support eligible newly arrived students.

Teaching Support

The English as an additional language (EAL) New Arrivals Program provides additional teaching support to schools enrolling eligible newly arrived students. This additional teaching support is provided for up to four school terms. Support is based on a sliding scale according to the numbers of eligible students enrolled, generally up to a maximum allocation of 1.0 EFT.

School Learning Support Officer

Schools enrolling refugee students may attract a bilingual support allocation, filled by a School Learning Support Officer (Bilingual). Refugee bilingual support allocations are provided to newly arrived refugee students in their first four terms of enrolment. Bilingual SLSO refugee support allocations commence at a minimum of four students and increase according to the numbers of eligible refugee students enrolled, up to maximum allocation of 1.0 EFT.

Support in rural and regional schools

Rural and regional schools enrolling significant numbers of newly arrived refugee students may receive an additional EAL/D New Arrivals Program teacher allocation. Most refugee students have had little or no prior schooling and experience difficulties in learning English, particularly as the academic demands of English increase in high school. This teacher allocation is usually provided for the first 18 months of enrolment in an Australian school. The Intensive English Classes Guidelines (PDF 460KB) provide additional details about this program.

The EAL/D Education Advisor, rural and regional and the EAL/D teacher-mentors support rural and regional schools enrolling NAP eligible students and schools with EAL/D programs. EAL/D teacher mentors provide advice to teachers who have limited experience in teaching students who are learning English as an Additional Language or Dialect. Contact details are in the EAL/D NAP Teacher Mentor Guidelines (PDF 178 KB). Please note this guideline does not meet WCAG 2.0 requirements. Contact us if you require an accessible format.

New Arrivals Program resource kits

The Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre provides EAL New Arrivals Programs resource kits for schools. The kit contains specialised resources to support the planning and delivery of EAL New Arrivals Programs in schools. Resources include ESL Scales, curriculum frameworks, teacher professional learning materials and student learning material. These resources should be used to supplement existing school curriculum support resources.

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