Parents and carers

Racism and racist behaviour are not tolerated in NSW public schools. Everyone in a NSW government school – students, staff, parents, carers and community members – is expected to treat others fairly and with respect, and to behave in ways which do not promote racism in the school community.

Racism at school

If your child is experiencing racial discrimination at school, you should encourage them to report it to a teacher or the school’s Anti-Racism Contact Officer, or you may report it on your child’s behalf.

If you have experienced racism at school, you may make a complaint to the school. The Anti-Racism Contact Officer may provide you with assistance if you need it.

For more information, see:

Racism online

School-related racism that occurs online, such as students directing racist comments or statements towards individual students or cultural groups, should be reported to the school. Parents/carers and students can report such incidents to the principal, Anti-Racism Contact Officer, or any member of staff.

There are a range of resources that can help you in keeping your child safe from racism online:

Racism in the community

Information on reporting racial discrimination, harassment or hatred in the community is available at Anti-Discrimination NSW or the Australian Government’s Help Stop Racism information page. Complaints can also be made to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Racism and COVID-19

During an emergency or stressful events such as pandemics, disasters and other crises, students and their families will be affected to varying degrees and in different ways. Students and families may feel additionally anxious or isolated if they have experienced racism or discrimination, or similar experiences which have made them feel unsafe in the community.

We are aware that there have been reports of racist abuse and discrimination directed at some members of our community, in particular people from Chinese and other Asian backgrounds, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about racial discrimination in the context of COVID-19 is available in 35 languages for parents and carers.

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