Anti-racism – students

Everyone in a NSW government school – students, teachers and community members – is expected to treat others fairly and behave in a non-racist way so that every student is able to feel a sense of belonging and have a positive learning experience at school.

Student behaviour

Students are expected to treat all members of the school community – staff, community members, and other students – fairly and with respect, and to behave in ways which do not promote racism.

If you are experiencing racism, or see or know about an incident of racism, you should report it to ensure it is addressed. You can seek assistance from a teacher or the school’s Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO). See complaints of racism for more information.

People who take action to challenge racism when they see it are called upstanders. More information is available on the Racism. No Way! website.

Racism online

If you encounter school-related racism online, such as other students directing racist comments or statements towards you or others, it should be reported to the school. You can report such incidents to the principal, Anti-Racism Contact Officer, or any member of staff.

There are a range of resources that can help you to keep safe from racism online:


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