The practices that support student wellbeing involve creating a safe environment; ensuring connectedness; engaging students in their learning; and promoting social and emotional skills.

Tell Them From Me is a suite of surveys for measuring student engagement and wellbeing. The surveys can be used to capture student, parent and teacher voices, providing reliable evidence for schools to use in identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

The CESE research report Supporting students’ learning provides insights from the 2016 Tell Them From Me Survey into advocacy and support for students in schools, including resources for the creation of supportive learning environments.

The CESE publication Cognitive load theory: Research that teachers really need to understand is a publication which supports teachers to understand the science behind learning and intellectual engagement, and why it matters.

Teachers can listen to Eddie Woo discuss the importance of student engagement to gain more insight about the connection between student interest, educational outcomes and wellbeing.

Reading creates opportunities for students to develop key skills and engage with information about their world. Teachers could consider opportunities where students can explore ideas related to social and emotional wellbeing through texts.

The CESE publication Anti-bullying interventions in schools – what works? supports teachers to understand the detrimental impact of bullying on academic achievement and the importance of creating a safe learning environment. The inclusion of anti-bullying content allows students to develop social and emotional competencies and appropriate responses to bullying.

Teachers might want to consider reading within the context of facilitating opportunities for student voice, participation and leadership.

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