Green Tree Frog – enclosure

Although custom enclosures can be made to house Green tree frogs, it is probably easier to purchase a commercially available “terrarium” similar to the one pictured below from a specialised pet/aquarium shop.

Image: Frog enclosure

Spatial requirements

Green tree frogs should be housed in glass aquariums/tanks and can be kept individually or with multiple animals in an enclosure. It is recommended to use an enclosure with a minimum size of a 60cm cube for a green tree frog. Housing multiple frogs together will require a larger enclosure with 3 to 4 frogs housed in an enclosure that is 60cm long x 100cm high x 60cm wide making a more appealing display than a single frog in a smaller enclosure.


Enclosures used to keep frogs should be made from glass or some other material that is not prone to water damage and have an area that allows the animal to completely submerge in water and an area out of the water for frogs to sit, hide, feed and climb. The area out of the water can have a substrate such as coco fibre or aquarium gravel (although it should be made certain that this is not ingested at feeding times). Large rocks such as “river stones” can be used in the water areas for aesthetics although this is not needed and can make the water body harder to clean.


Frog enclosures should be furnished to provide frogs with an area similar to that of the environment they would live in the wild. As this species is arboreal, the furnishing should provide the frogs with climbing opportunities and elevated perching. The furniture can include logs, real and artificial broad-leafed plants, ornamental rocks, branches, vines and other hiding places. It is important to provide hiding places so that frogs can retreat to privacy. All furnishings must be smooth, clean and stable to prevent injuries that may be caused by unsecured furniture falling onto the frogs. Although it does not look natural other plastic furnishings can be used such as plastic plant pots and PVC pipes. One of the main advantages of these ‘unnatural’ furnishings is the ease in which they can be cleaned.


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