Security of animals

Schools must make every attempt to ensure animals are secure and safe from harm.

The school is responsible for housing and fencing that is soundly constructed, maintained in good repair and in a sanitary condition. All steps must be taken to protect animals from predators and harassment. When livestock is kept on the school farm, a section of the farm should be enclosed by a dog-proof fence. Additional measures, depending on the history of the school, may also be required, including gates and doors secured using toughened steel chain and padlocks, lighting, alarms, electric fences and barbwire.

Since school premises are largely unoccupied for part of each day, on weekends and during vacations, security requires special attention. Arrangements for regular and on-going monitoring must be made for those times.

Schools may consider encouraging interested neighbours who may assist in “watching over” the school farm and its animals in addition to the normal monitoring and care undertaken by the school.

Circumstances may arise when the security of an animal cannot be reasonably assured. In this case the animal must be removed from the school to another secure location. The school is responsible for its animals, even when they are not held on school grounds.

Image: Sometimes double fencing is required to keep animals safe.


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