Advice about the level of monitoring required for animals kept by schools.

Day to day monitoring of livestock

The NSW Animals in Schools website states under the responsibilities of ‘The teacher’:

  • ensuring that appropriate monitoring of the animals occurs at all times (including during weekends and holidays) see Responsibilities.

This ‘appropriate monitoring’ will vary depending on:

  • the types and class of animals present on a school farm
  • facilities, and infrastructure available in livestock production areas
  • the types of management systems being carried out, i.e. cattle in a feedlot situation
  • the weather conditions.

Below are links to possible scenarios on school farms that would require different degrees of monitoring that would all be deemed ‘appropriate’ for that situation. Please note, this does not cover all possible school scenarios and teacher discretion will play a large factor in determining the best course of action. If in doubt, please contact the NSW Animal Welfare Coordinator.


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